Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Prelude for a Lord

Prelude for a Lord
Prelude for a Lord by Camille Elliot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lady Alethea Sutherton is 28, past her prime in Regency England standards. She is considered unladylike because she plays the violin. She is kicked out of her house after the death of her brother and sent to live with her gruff Aunt Ebena. Some would say life has not treated her kindly. The only people in her life who have loved her and shown her kindness is her illegitimate half sister, Lucy and the kind neighbor lady who taught her to play the violin and then left it to her in her will.

Lord Dommick, Bayard, an expert violinist himself, has suffered what today would be known as PTSD after serving in the war. His ex-fiance had spread rumors that he had gone mad and he is still in some ways rebuilding his reputation as well as trying to maintain the reputations of his mother and sister so that his sister can have a good coming out season.

When a mysterious stranger accosts Lady Alethea and strongly urges her to sell her violin to his boss, she determines to find out why. Against her will, Lady Alethea ends up working with Lord Dommick to research the origin and value of the violin.

I really liked Alethea and Bayard's characters. Both of them, despite what life has thrown at them or maybe because of it, have strong characteristics and strive to make life better for their loved ones. As they get to know each other they can't help but fall in love! :)

I also enjoyed the secondary characters. I loved Lord Dommick's friends, the Quartet. Can't wait to see which one the next book is about! I also liked Lady Alethea's sister Lucy. She was very supportive of Alethea and I'm glad she got a better position and her own man. And even though Aunt Ebena was gruff she played an important role in Alethea's life and maybe even came to love her. And then there was the surprise addition of the distantly related 12 year old child to the household. Children are good for bringing comic relief and special warmth to a book.

I loved this gentle, sweet love story with a touch of mystery and danger running through it. Camille Elliot did an excellent job of building the romance and suspense. A wonderful read!

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