Friday, June 3, 2016

First Line Friday - The Bull Rider's Bride by Vickie McDonough

Welcome to Bookworm Nation's First Line Friday! This fun meme is easy to do, simply pick up the book you're currently reading and share the very first line! A great first line is intriguing and compels you to keep reading! Feel free to share yours by posting on your blog and commenting with the link, or comment with your book and it's first line here and/or at Bookworm Nation.  :)

The Bull Rider's Bride by Vickie McDonough

"Dustin Starr's heart pounded as he gripped the bull rope in his gloved hand."
The Bull Rider's Bride by Vickie McDonough


ECPA bestselling author Vickie McDonough continues the Lone Star Brides series with this heart-warming story of lost love.

Dusty Starr is unstoppable in the rodeo arena, but when it comes to love? He was bucked off long ago. Now he has a second chance at love, but will he have what it takes to win?

Champion bull rider Dusty Starr is at the top of his game—until a bull throws him and stomps on his leg. He goes home to heal and watch after his grandma until he can rejoin the circuit. While there are no guarantees that bull riding is in his future, his past is alive and well in the form of Gramma's beautiful physical therapist—a woman he never expected to see again.

Physical therapist Lindsey Lang once loved Dusty, but then tragedy struck because of his younger brother's recklessness, and Dusty did something she never thought he'd do. He abandoned her, leaving her to mourn alone. Being assigned to Grandma Starr is hard enough, but with Dusty there, Lindsey's sure her heart won't survive.

Against all expectations, friendship renews, and Dusty dares to hope Lindsey will forgive him. She's the only girl he's ever loved and he aims to get her back. But friendship is one thing. A second chance at love? That will take more gumption than riding a rank bull—and then some.