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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Social Media Strategies by T.H. Meyer

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About the Book

 In our current digital world, the internet puts every entrepreneur and creative artist smack dab in the middle of social media and marketing. With an online tsunami of informational how-to’s, deciding which methods work best challenges the best of us. In Social Media Strategies: Discover Powerful Tools of the Trade without Losing Your Soul, uncovers the most relevant techniques, skipping unnecessary fluff by going straight to up-to-date tactics and tips used by experts.

Inside these pages, a wealth of simple, savvy tricks aids understanding of things like SEO, Facebook algorithms, top performing platforms, and key ingredients for engagement. You’ll also have a treasure trove of links, templates, time saving applications, and what’s projected to change in cyberspace so you can stay ahead of the curve. However, your worth is not the sum of hard numbers. No longer do you have to feel depersonalized by ranks and formulas. T.H. Meyer combines trending social media content followed by encouraging words that redirect your soul to God. In the right hands, social media is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses or any person with a message to share.

Guest Post from T.H. Meyer

Often times, we write (or live life) with two voices in our head.

One voice belongs to the Critic. This voice says,

Your friends or peers may not like your work? Worse, you know So-n-So will hate it!”

Who do you think you are?”

“You could fail!”

“You’re putting yourself out there, why risk it?”

You’re sloppy and lack analytical, time management skills.”

“Apologize ahead of time to those one-star readers you know are telepathically hating your words right now!”

The other voice belongs to the Encourager. This voice pushes you out of your comfort zones because you have that one reader in mind you want to help. This voice says,

“Give words to lift their spirit.”

Show them what you’ve learned so they don’t have to struggle like you did.”

“Help them see a better way.”

“Brighten their day and give them hope.”

“Provide practical information that’ll make their life easier.”

Point them in the direction where peace and joy abide.”

We may begin with the Encourager, but it’s the Critic that stops us. It’s the Critic that paralyzes us with insecurity and inaction. And if we proceed with the Critic, we move with such caution we end up writing to the Critic instead for the Encourager. In fact, the Critic wrestles the pen out of our hand and so, we add disclaimers until our whole book is about placating the Critic.

We want the Critic to like us.

They won’t.

We want the Critic to see our good intentions.

They don’t care.

We want the Critic to know we understand.

He’ll only slap at our attempts, laugh in our face with pungent garlic breath, and still hate whatever we’re doing.

When I began writing my debut book about social media strategies, I wrote to help the struggling artist, writer, or entrepreneur take advantage of what’s available at their fingertips. I wanted to provide applicable information to improve their understanding and presence. My desire included helping them get ahead while also remembering where their true hope comes.

But that all changed when the Critic showed up.

Instead, I added disclaimers before every chapter, like:

“Hey, if you don’t like this stuff, I’m so sorry, just skip this chapter, in fact, just skip this whole book. K? So sorry. Hate that you don’t like social media. I know it sucks. It sucks, right? Like big time? I know. So sorry. Social media can be the devil’s spawn. I totally get it. No, really I do. I’m a worm for writing that it can be used for good. So sorry to bother you with this. Oh look, squirrel!”

Yeah, true story.

Thankfully, I stopped doing that. I edited and rewrote. I got back to work and penned my book for the Encourager.

The most important part of this book is the writing under the word “Strategies”. It states: “Discover Powerful Tools of the Trade without Losing Your Soul.” I’m a social media manager who spent years, blogging and feeling like my soul was sucked out by all the platform-talk that I was told to focus on.

Add to that, the Christian publishing industry heavily relies on the number of followers you have before taking a risk on you, to the point, your whole worth as an author, a person can get wrapped up in a number. Sheesh. The pressure to be popular and viral can be defeating.

Also, I taught classes to local small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to maximize their social media presence. Essentially, I encouraged them (as a consumer myself) that clients, consumers, and community can’t find you if they don’t know about you. So this is as much as service to potential clients and community as it is for their business. But I found many business owners were overwhelmed by the deluge of information regarding social media.

That’s where this book comes in. I wrote it to be a help to others, but especially to Christians who feel like their souls die a little more every time they try to tackle social media, platforms, and latest changes in the social media landscape.

My Review

My rating:  5 of 5 Stars
For a somewhat newbie blogger, this book was wonderful!  There were several things I learned that I plan to implement in my own blogging.   She includes a lot of links to helpful articles, blogs, and other websites.  There are step-by-step how to's, which is great!  She talks about the social media platforms and which ones have proven effective and are predicted to be around for awhile.  Then she talks about how to utilize those networks.   She shows you how to make your different media platforms work with each other effectively.  She talks about the difference between Blogger and WordPress.  There's just a LOT of information for a new blogger!  You'll want to pick this book up for yourself!

Not only does this book give you a lot of helpful information, she also ends each chapter with "Navagating Soul-Care".  I love, love, love this!  Social media can be very discouraging if you let it define who you are.  So I love how this author reminds you that "...when stopped at the pearly gates, God won't be basing your entrance or your whole Christian life on a random number of "Likes"."  Love it! :)

*Thanks to CelebrateLit and the author for a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.  I was not required to post a positive post and all opinions stated are my own.*

About the Author

T.H. Meyer’s writing has been featured in online magazines such as C’est La Vie: THE MAGAZINE and The High Calling along with guest posting for Amber C. Haines, Jennifer Dukes Lee, and at The Gift of Writing to name a few. Besides her current employment as a social media manager and content writer, she founded Outside the City Gates and worked as a creative director for the Sunday Circle Group, a worldwide collaboration of talented artisans, poets, photographers, speakers, and writers. She lives among Rye pastures on a farm in east Texas, far removed from big-city slickers. On any given day, eight resident ducks waddle under her bedroom window and quack like dogs when ready to eat. Her favorite pastimes are family, writing, juicy in-depth conversations, and unsweet tea.  Connect with her here:

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