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Review: Luther and Katharina

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About This Book

She was a nun of noble birth. He, a heretic, a reformer…an outlaw of the Holy Roman Empire.

In the 16th century, nun Katharina von Bora’s fate fell no further than the Abbey. Until she read the writings of Martin Luther. His sweeping Catholic church reformation—condemning a cloistered life and promoting the goodness of marriage—awakened her desire for everything she’d been forbidden. Including Martin Luther himself.

Despite the fact that the attraction and tension between them is undeniable, Luther holds fast to his convictions and remains isolated, refusing to risk anyone’s life but his own. And Katharina longs for love, but is strong-willed. She clings proudly to her class distinction, pining for nobility over the heart of a reformer. They couldn’t be more different.

But as the world comes tumbling down around them, and with Luther’s threatened life a constant strain, these unlikely allies forge an unexpected bond of understanding, support and love. Together, they will alter the religious landscape forever.

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My Review

What a gripping story!  The courage, the persecution, the loneliness, the faith!  The depth of this book is amazing.   With plenty of rich drama, action, history, and romance, you'll be glad you picked up this book to read.  It is very well written!

If you've ever wanted to know more about Martin Luther, this book will satisfy.  The reformation of the Catholic church came about with much blood, sweat, and tears.  The life of persecution that Martin Luther lived was more than any of us could ever imagine.  I like the thought that the last 20 or so years of his life was brightened by his marriage to Katharina.

Although this book is heavy with history and the persecution that was prevalent in that time period, the author does not neglect the romance.  The attraction that Luther and Katharina feel towards one another is denied by both to the point that I wanted to slap both of  Katharina has a warm heart despite being strong-willed and yearns to have the family that she was denied when her father took her to the Abbey at the age of 5.  However, she struggles with the pride of being of noble birth and through many trials has to learn to let go of her lineage in order to move on to a future of love and family.  Luther struggles with the fear of being rejected by this woman that has created passionate feelings in a man that believed he would be alone all his persecuted life.  He also fears for her safety and well being if she were to marry him.  They go through a lot before they find the path that God has laid out for their future.

Content warning:  The reality of the persecution of the time is not glossed over in this book.  Although not graphic, there are mentions of physical persecution and violence (some sexual).  Like I said, not graphic but still there.  (Probably less graphic than some crime shows on TV.)

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Luther and Katharina: A Novel of Love and Rebellion & Additional Information About Luther and Katharina

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