Friday, September 18, 2015

Review: The Columbus Code

The Columbus Code The Columbus Code by Mike Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In 1492 Christopher Columbus bore a secret agenda as he set out with his tiny fleet to discover a New World. The startling truth? Columbus himself was a Jew! And he sought a new home for his persecuted Jewish kin to escape King Ferdinand’s and Queen Isabella’s newly wrought Spanish Inquisition.

The Columbus Code is just that – the true, historical puzzle few could comprehend until today. Consistent with great historical fiction of our time, New York Times best-selling author Mike Evans pens a story replete with intrigue, adventure, and brutal persecution. The story begins with John Winters, an American Secret Service agent, who unravels centuries old truths about Christopher Columbus and the real drama that lay behind those famous voyages to the Americas.

This is not my usual reading genre but I thought it was well written and I enjoyed it. Secret Service Agent John Winters is on medical leave from his job after a raid that went bad and he's suffering from a form of PTSD. After his mother dies, he finds a request from her to continue her research on their family being direct descendants of Christopher Columbus. With nothing better to do he starts on a quest that leads him to Barcelona and a search for Christopher Columbus' secret journal. Meanwhile, his estranged daughter Maria, a corporate attorney, is also in Barcelona overseeing a merger. However there's more to this very large and powerful company than she knows. Behind the scenes is a secret society that is putting in place a plan to financially rule the world and possibly bring about the anti-christ. John and Maria's worlds collide when the search for Columbus' journal gains the attention of the secret society and they end up joining forces and on the run while trying to figure out how it all connects before it costs them their lives.

*Thanks to First Look and Worthy Publishers for the complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.*


MIKE EVANS is a #1 New York Times best-selling author with more than 25 million copies in print, including Christopher Columbus: Secret Jew. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Ten Boom Museum in Holland ( and also of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem ( Evans is founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team ( and has sixty published books. To contact Dr. Evans for interviews or speaking engagements, send correspondence to: P. O. Box 30000, Phoenix, AZ 85046; e-mail; or telephone 817-268-1228.

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