Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: Love at Mistletoe Inn: A December Wedding Story

Love at Mistletoe Inn: A December Wedding Story
Love at Mistletoe Inn: A December Wedding Story by Cindy Kirk

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There are so many ways this book could have gone and would have been better if it had been done differently. The premise of the story - two kids go to get married right out of high school but she has doubts and backs out before they even leave the building but not before they've gone through the ceremony and signed the paper. Now, 10 years later, they find out that they are still legally married.

Hope and John have had limited contact over the last 10 years but then John decides to move back to Harmony and settle down. Once Hope finds out about the marriage still being legal she goes to John to tell him about it. What happens next totally threw this book out the window for me. ***SPOILER After 10 years of limited contact they are so overwhelmed with their desire for each other that they have s3x??!! I would think they would have been mature enough to have a little more restraint than that. Rather than enhance the romance of the book I think it spoiled it. END SPOILER***

And even though I liked the character of Aunt Verna, the whole ruse of planning a wedding for two people who were "deployed" was over the top. And the fact that John and Hope were dense enough to believe it was somewhat frustrating.

I realize that this is a short novella with a limited amount of pages to develop the story but I've read plenty of novellas that were better than this one.

*Thanks to Zondervan and NetGalley for providing me with a free e-book copy in exchange for my honest opinion & review.*

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