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Blog Tour Review: Driver Confessional by David L. Winters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

About The Book

Ride share driver Antonio cruises the streets of Washington, D.C. looking for his next fare.
He has an unusual gift for relaxing his customers and stimulating their desire to reveal more than they planned. By the completion of their ride, many feel so comfortable that they confess their sins great and small. Antonio's faith guides his discussions and points him in new directions. Suddenly, his peaceful world is turned upside down by a mysterious business woman. As she heads to a midnight rendezvous, she confesses more than Antonio can handle. Her story sends him into a world of espionage, international terrorism and danger.

My Review

I signed up to review this book because I thought the story line of a ride-share driver being drawn into a dangerous situation because of a client sounded interesting and relevant to our time.

Antonio is a good man and I really liked his character.  He's married and has a son and there are several family scenes that just made me smile.  He's also a Christian and does his best to portray Christ to the people he's driving around.  He tries to pray for each person and lets God use him in helping them if they are open to it.

While the main story line did give you some tense moments with an exciting car chase or two, I felt like there was a lack of cohesion in the book.  I think the author was trying to get us to see Antonio as a Christian who tried to use his ride-share driving as a way to share his faith as well as make money.  However, the little stories about the other clients he picked up that had nothing to do with the story line just served to jolt me out of the story and lessen the suspense.   I also think the book could have used some better editing.  Like this paragraph for instance:
“Are you okay?” Antonio asked.
“Don’t mind me, just being a graceful swan back here.”
Antonio grinned back at her and headed north toward Chevy Chase.
“It is some kind of beautiful day, isn’t it?” Beatrice said cheerfully.
“Yes, it sure is,” the driver responded with equal positive energy. “Everyone has been smiling today. What are you doing out?”  (David L. Winters. Driver Confessional (Kindle Locations 959-963). Green E-Books. Kindle Edition. )
Now I'm no writing expert, but shouldn't that last sentence say "Antonio responded" instead of "the driver responded"?  It did this a lot in the story and because of that and some other things, I just felt like it didn't flow smoothly.

 All in all, this is a quick read that will give you a warm sense of family and a few moments of suspense.

*Thanks to Litfuse for a complimentary copy of this book. I was not paid or required to write a positive review and all opinions stated are my own.*

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About The Author

David L Winters is an award-winning author, humorist and speaker, originally from Ohio, who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. His first book, "Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace," won several awards including a Silver Illumination Award from the Jenkins Group and two Finalist Medals from the Next Generation Indies Book Awards.
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