Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Working it Out

Working it Out
Working it Out by Rachael Anderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grace Warren is the best physical therapist around so when Seth Tuttle needs physical therapy for an injury to his knee, Grace's clinic is where he goes. Grace, however, is not happy to see him. Much to her chagrin, Seth doesn't recognize Grace as the woman he kissed at the charity bachelor auction a couple of weeks earlier. Seth appears to be the exact opposite of what Grace wants in a relationship - he's always pushing the boundaries in extreme sports which brings up tragic memories from her past. Can Grace let go of her fears for a chance at love?

I really liked this book. Grace still struggles with guilt from what happened to her brother when she was a teenager. She strives for safe and predictable as a result. As a physical therapist she also sees the results of injuries from extreme sports. So when Seth comes into her life, she's very reluctant to allow herself to be attracted to him. Seth also has a tragedy in his past which (unlike Grace) has pushed him to live life to the fullest and to push the limits. Talk about opposites attracting! I love how the author worked their relationship and how they grow and change throughout the book.

I also loved the supporting characters in this book. Grace's brother Alec and Seth's friendship with Lanna as well as Seth's circle of friends that support him in several different areas of the book.

I have yet to find a Rachael Anderson book that I don't like! She writes very well rounded stories that have lovely romances that keep you captivated and are clean to read.

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